Friday, July 19, 2024
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Partial Solar Eclipse on 25th October 2022

There was a Partial Solar Eclipse in Vadodara on 25th October 2022. The eclipse started at 16.40 IST. The maximum 30 percent cover was at 17.38 IST. The eclipse ended at 18.04 IST. The Amateur Astronomers Association of Vadodara (AAAV) organized the observation of partial solar eclipse at Nature Park, Sindhrot in Vadodara with the association of Gujarat Nature Conservation Society (GNCS). The team of AAAV and volunteers of GNCS were present for making understand public about the eclipse. There was a talk on awareness on solar eclipse in which experts like Ashish Jaituni, Lecturer, Polytechnic, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda-Vadodara and Dr. Meenaben Talati, Lecturer, Bharuch Polytechnic gave guidance to students and public. They explained about the eclipse and told that there is nothing to worry about false information being spread about solar eclipses. They said that still there is a perception in the minds of people that solar eclipse is harmful to observe. Since its inception, AAAV has taken huge efforts of eradicating superstitions from the minds of people. The public is gradually coming out of fear of eclipses and observe the event with enthusiasm. The students and general public watched the solar eclipse through solar filters, projection technique, telescope and pinhole camera. The live webcast of the partial solar eclipse was done on AAAV’s Youtube channel. The trustees of GNCS graced the event with their motivational words. The public came to observe Partial Solar Eclipse despite Diwali festivals.

AAAV had planned series of events for the campaigning of the eclipse months before in advance. The awareness drive was done in schools of Sindhrot and students were sensitized about the event. The instruments to observe the eclipse was repaired and maintenance was done so that the eclipse is seen without and technical glitch.