Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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Being part of The Amateur Astronomers Association of Vadodara (AAAV) is as easy as 1,2,3.., Our Membership is FREE for any one resident of Vadodara about 10 years (or studding in Class 5), with no upper limit, Only eligible criteria is Love and Dedication for Astronomy. However there is some applicable criteria for being Silver Club member of AAAV. so let’s understand Membership levels and Eligible Criteria.

Basic Member

Eligible Criteria:

  • Person must be 10 years of age and passed Class 4 exam in School.
  • Person must be resident of Vadodara and surrounding (person outside Vadodara can join us as virtual member).
  • Must have fill up Membership inquiry form as below.
  • Person have Interest in Observation, Photography or research in Astronomy or just enhance knowledge in Astronomy, Person with Commercial or Business interest in Astronomy is not eligible and we can cancel membership of person doing any Astronomy related activity.
  • Member with less than 20% of Attendance for last 6month in Club activity will be removed from Events Notification List.


  • Receive Email Newsletter published by AAAV periodically.
  • Receive all AAAV activity notification on Whatsapp and Email.

Silver Member

Eligible Criteria:

  • All Above Criteria as per Basic Membership.
  • 80% or more attendance as Basic member in Last Calendar year in AAAV activity. and shown dedication and keen interest in Astronomy and AAAV events.
  • Member with Continues 6 month Absent in AAAV activity remove from Silver Membership


  • Membership card will be issue as Silver member.
  • Allow to join us 12″ Observatory at GNCS.
  • Access to Club Library, binoculars and Telescope and use them for personal research work. (Ask for detail Terms of Use)
  • Membership is FREE.

Apart of basic and Silver Membership Association also has Gold and Life Membership, Silver Member with 2 years membership can ask for Procedure to become Gold or Life Member.

If you are new and wish to Apply for Basic Membership, kindly fill the form as below. Please wait for at least week for your membership request approval. Also refer to our COVID guideline page for latest COVID related updates.