• September 22, 2019
  • 13:00
  • GNCS, Nature Education Park, Sindhrot, Vadodara

The Amateur Astronomers Association of Vadodara in association with Gujarat Nature Conservation Society Vadodara organized a 4 Level workshop on Astrophotography with a mission to educate the people in the field of Astronomy, how they can contribute to the world of Astronomy with their passion for a hobby. It also provides in-depth knowledge of the technical skill of Astrophotography.

Eligibility Criteria:
The workshop is open for all people, but to avoid some misconception, security and make it highly technical in terms we have set some standard for participants to qualify for eligibility. which are as follow,

1. It is open for age above 16 years.
2. Basic knowledge of Astronomy and Photography is required to understand Astrophotography.
3. A person must follow the rules of Association and it’s partner organization (GNCS), if anyone breaks any rule during the workshop, he/she will be discontinued from the workshop.
4. anyone can join Level 1 and Level2, but to participate in level 3 and 4 he/she must be a participant of Level 1 or Level 2.
5. Open for only 30 seats on first come first bases, and must be filled the registration form online at only AAAV website.

Schedule and syllabus:
Level 1: 22nd September from 1pm to 5pm
topic Covered: Astrophotography Basics, DSLR settings, Photography V\s Astrophotography

Level2: 29th September from 1pm to 5pm
topic Covered: Astrophotography equipment and usage, software and setups, Do’s & Don’t

Level3: 19th October from 6pm to 1am of 20th October (Overnight Session)
topic covered: Practical sessions of Open lens and Milkey way, Lunar and Planetary and basic of DSO photography.

Level4: 20th October from 1pm to 5pm
topic covered: Post-processing of practical session, Valedictory, and Foundation of Advance Workshop.

The workshop is FREE of cost, come with a passion for Astronomy and Go out with Dedication. However, we are using very costly and precious equipment which are not easily available for repairs in Indian Market, if any damage is done to our equipment by any member knowingly or unknowingly he/she is fully responsible for reimbursement of cost. which participant has to sign in form.

Registration is FULL and closed for a workshop. If you are interested to join on next workshop send email to bhargav@aaavadodara.org and we will send you a link of registration when we announce the next workshop.