Popular Lecture by ASI POEC

Sunday 10 Jnuary 2021 at 5:00 PM

The Amateur Astronomers Association of Vadodara (AAAV) working in the field of Popularizing Astronomy and Scientific Study of Astronomy in Vadodara city since 19years. Memebrs of AAAV and Astronomy Lovers of Vadodara Meet Every Sunday throughout year and discuss new topics of Astronomy.

Apart of our Regular meetings on Sunday we organize some special Events for Astronomical Observation for public like Sidewalks, Astronomy week, star parties and 3 week Workshop during year. We have some special Program like “Reaching to unreached”, by this program we travel to remote place and interior villages with telescope and presentation to teach astronomy, we have special program for Schools during winter months we deliver lecture to different schools followed by Night sky Observation.
Apart from Popularizing Activities we also in to Scientific study of Astronomy phenomenon like Eclipses, Occultation’s, Variable Star Observation, Meteor Observation, comet Study, Solar Study, Astro-Photography, Satellite Watch etc; and Associated with International Organization Like IMO, BBA, ALPO for Data Sharing and Reporting. Each Program has it’s own definition and Module to Make it successful and it is working effectively so far. And all our works and Program including Membership Program is FREE of cost.